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April 10 2013

As soon as your Ps3 is broken or affected by any error, needless to say it's inside a will need a fix... right? You could do this this by 50 percent ways. You can do it on your own with the use of a PlayStation 3 repair manual, or you might send your ps3 to Sony and permit them to fix your trouble. So, what's better? Let's realize that out!

reparatie playstation 3

Sending your ps3 to Sony

With this option, it might seem it's a really great option. Well, sorry for interrupting you on your dream, however it is so a bad option, really! In reality, let's check out some stats about sending this to Sony. From the day that you send your Ps3 to Sony until the day that you get your console back, is usually 4-6 weeks. That's really, really, long. Not to mention the price tag that's on it. If your warranty may be expired, you have to pay $150,- extra to obtain results. Still a good option? Do not think so!

Repair your console having a Ps3 repair manual

reparatie playstation 3

Whenever you fix your ps3 problem actually by yourself, you will go ahead and take control in your own hands. You select just how long it requires, you decides how much many spent. Know very well what I'm saying? There really isn't a better option than doing it on your own. So long as you make use of a Playstation 3 slim repair manual, everything will probably be alright! You can have your ps3 functionalizing normally again today, even An hour in the future!

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